We are moving our shop and will not be able to produce any inventory until this spring.

"Elite" 5 Belt Display Case for Judo or Jiu Jitsu Belts


****We are about to begin the process of moving our shop into a larger facility.  Unfortunately we are an extremely small company, so during this time, we will not be able to produce any new inventory.  We will be back online spring of 2018.  The online store should properly reflect our current inventory on hand.  We will still be able to ship in stock items during this transition phase but will not be able to build any custom orders or build any standard items.  We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience this creates for our customers.  This move will help us better serve all of you in the future.****

We believe this is by far the best display case being offered in the industry.

The "Elite" model martial arts display case is by far our most popular display case.  It is our original design that we have perfected over the years.  Our standard displays are made from locally sourced poplar wood.  It features face frame cabinet construction, with a large decorative top shelf.  It also features a stile and rail constructed door with quarter rounded edges.  The door hinges are european hidden style and fully adjustable.  Each display is hand cut, hand fit, and hand finished. 

This display can be wall mounted when you purchase the proper mounting hardware.  If you choose not to wall mount the display we highly suggest purchasing an anti-tip kit to prevent the display from being knocked over possibly resulting in injury of people or pets. 
Our displays are designed for belts up to 1-3/4" wide

We currently have a limited number of elite models in the espresso color in stock.  Typical lead time for other colors is 4-6 weeks(But we may have one stock).  We will notify you of an expected ship date after we have received your order.  We will later notify you of when you package is set to ship and provide you with a UPS tracking number.